Treatment for Hepatitis C

Dr. Batash offers comprehensive care for patients with Hepatitis C and other liver diseases in Queens, NY. Our gastroenterology practice upholds the highest standards of compassion and medical excellence so that you can achieve optimal well-being. With the latest medical advances, it is possible to treat and even cure this serious condition.

Care for Patients with Hepatitis C

The liver plays a critical role in fighting infection, cleaning your blood, and storing energy. Since Hepatitis C is caused by a virus, it is important to treat this condition to avoid permanent liver damage. Some people with this form of hepatitis never have symptoms, but those who do may experience joint pain, stomach pain, itchy skin, muscle soreness, dark urine, jaundice, or fatigue.

Expert care from a GI specialist can address your medical needs whether you were recently infected and have acute hepatitis or you have a chronic hepatitis infection that has lasted over 6 months. We understand the unique challenges faced by patients with this form of liver disease and offer treatments that are easier and more comfortable than older methods that involved painful shots. With medication in the form of a pill it is possible to cure this condition quickly and safely. The range of injection-free treatment options continues to grow.

Contact us to schedule a consultation about your treatment options. An experienced gastroenterologist near you can make all the difference in ensuring your condition is treated properly so that you can achieve optimal health outcomes and feel your best.