Colon Cancer Screening


  • Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer killer
  • More than 140.000 new cases are diagnosed each year
  • An average of 60.000 people die annually form colon Cancer in the United States
  • This Cancer affects men and woman equally
  • A Colonoscopy is the most effective prevention for colon Cancer
  • Colonoscopies can prevent cancer by removing per-cancerous growths during the procedure
  • if colon cancer is detected early, your chance of survival exceeds 90%
  • People with an average-risk of Colorectal Cancer nedd to begin screening at age 50
  • People with a family history of Colorectal Cancer need to begin screening at age 40
  • symptoms of colon Cancer are: blood in your stools or sudden weight loss- although many itmes there are no noticeable symptoms
  • colonoscopies are a low-risk procedure
  • Colonoscopies are actually 15-45 minutes long and you are in the screening center for a total of just 2-3 hours